To foster innovation and development through quality improvement and system redesign efforts, today’s residents need to be effective in improving the care delivered to patients by exploring quality, reducing costs, and enhancing operations.

These efforts focus on improving:

  • the procedures by which care is delivered
  • the selection of healthcare services delivered
  • the quality of healthcare delivered
  • the monitoring of healthcare services

This series of six asynchronous modules on healthcare operational analysis will develop the tools to understand how improvement opportunities are defined, understood, and explored.

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Systems Based Practice Improvements

This module will introduce an integrated set of principles and practices for dramatically improving healthcare delivery. This management philosophy, labeled "lean healthcare" by some, provides a structure to improve quality, shorten response time and reduce costs through waste elimination and variability reduction.

Evidence That Matters

All system redesign efforts explore issues and improvements through an analysis of the data for a system. This module will provide a refresher of common data analysis summary statistics and graphic techniques for understanding data.

Human Error and Safety

This module will explore how providers interact with patients, equipment, facilities, and environments. The emphasis is on people and how the design of things influences environmental factors, decisions, and safety.

Patient Care Improvement

This module will introduce tools and approaches for improving a system by learning its causes and developing solutions or new approaches for resolving it.

Teamwork and Communications

Nearly all improvement projects will involve working with a team of individuals. This module will introduce tools for learning, comprehending, and recognizing the diverse strengths and abilities of individuals on a team and on approaches for managing an effective team.

Project Leadership

This module will discuss simultaneously managing the four basic elements of a project: resources (people, equipment, material), time (task durations, dependencies, critical path), money (costs, contingencies, profit, return), and scope (project size, goals, requirements).